🎯 Aragon Client - Create a DAO on Polygon

How to create a DAO using the Aragon Client on the Polygon network?

Do you have a question about the creation and set up of an Aragon Client DAO on the Polygon network? Please ask here.

I am facing issues while approving transaction in my metamask while creating ther DAO. Every time it pops up saying that something went wrong try again even though i have enough matics in my account. What is the solution for this

Hi, usually this problem could be caused due to the traffic on the Polygon blockchain. If the gas isn’t properly set up on the transaction, you can have this error. Please try setting a higher gas value on the transaction in your wallet (suggested 60 but you can check the best here https://polygonscan.com/gastracker).
If you need more help, feel free to ask.
Regards, C.

I am having an issue deploying on Mumbai testnet with a simple DAO. Please take a look at testprojectzeta.aragonid.eth, the apps do not load in GUI after successful smart contract creation.

could you please try these steps:

  • If you are using a VPN, please try to set it to a different server location or turn it off.
  • Delete all cached data for the website.
  • Refresh the page.
  • Disable all Ad Blockers on your browser.

Please let me know if all works.
Regards Carla

I tried all suggested steps but it didn’t work. I even tried on separate computers. You are able to reach the DAO and see the apps? I doubt anyone can. Devs will need to look at it.

we are investigating the problem. I’ll return to you soon.
Regards, Carla

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the loading Apps on Mumbai DAO issue should be resolved. Can you check if all works for you.
In case of problems feel free to ask here.
Regards, Carla

nice, it is working 100%. Aragon DAO will be the future of Web3!

happy that all works now. Aragon has working on a new App, you can subscribe your early access here Aragon App - The DAO Platform That Grows With You.
Regards, Carla