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Hello. I am planning on wrapping an Aragon DAO with an LLC. However I have already formed an LLC for this purpose. The Otoco App does not seem to enable the use of already registered LLCs. Is there any documentation on how to associate an existing LLC with an Aragon DAO. I am have not created the Aragon DAO as of yet but I am ready to. I am just hung up on this wrapping the DAO in an LLC part.


Hi Eric,
sorry for the delay in my reply. This document should help you https://documentation.aragon.org/products/aragon-client/things-to-do-after-youve-started-a-dao/legal-integration-with-otoco?

Regards, Carla

That is the article from which my question sprang. As you can read, I am referring to the Otoco App and if there is other documentation beyond the article you sent me that outlines how to associate an existing LLC with an Aragon DAO.

Can we try this again on answering my original question?


Hi EricG
you could create a vote on the Aragon side to transfer the ownership of the DAO over to the LLC - link that proposal to whatever legalese you think is appropriate, and vote on it? if your DAO votes to join the LLC that you reference in the proposal that should hold up in court? not a lawyer here

at the end of the day making things legally binding is a jurisdictional question and at least in the USA my understanding is that a clear vote and intent should be more than sufficient to be binding assuming that the wallets of the voters may be determined to be known… probably worth mentioning here that i’m assuming a relatively high degree of KYC on this = if you’re considering approaching this from some totally anonymous perspective i’m not sure what real world value it would hold if things ever went to court

again - not a lawyer, not advice, blah blah

Hello - thanks for the excellent advice. There will be a high degree of KYC. I believe you are on the right path with vote to transfer ownership to the LLC. I am going to proceed down that path. Thanks again

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