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Hi! I’d like to ask for help testing the Token Vesting features described in this link.

UPDATE: Being more specific
I need help with

  1. testing the vesting feature in a rinkeby aragon client dao, specially the cliff. see if it’s really working as described
  2. step by step documentation on how to use it (preferably skipping the CLI, either the native UI or something like EVMcrispr)
  3. hold our hands / support while we do it the 1st couple times on mainnet

I went through the Solidity code for the vesting feature. I will try to use it on my local Aragon app now. I have two questions.

  • What makes you think it’s not working ? Do you get any error messages ? You can ask your team developers.
  • How are you calling the assignVested() function, could you share the whole Solidity file (hiding the parts you want, of course) ?
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@parrachia wrote

You should be able to just go through it from scratch:

  • create a new company DAO on aragon client (rinkeby), with a random token name
  • configure voting to last minutes instead of days
  • send vested tokens to a 2nd address of yours,
    following those instructions, parameters should look like
  • start: today; Cliff: 30min; vesting: 1h; Revokable: yes;

@parrachia, I’m using the Aragon CLI commands. I created a token name, I’ll try to configure voting later today.

@parrachia, waiting for you to write the solution here. It might help other people.

So this is how I got it to work:

  1. Using metamask, sent the amount I needed vesting to the token manager contract address

  2. Using the GUI, assigned “Assign tokens” to my own wallet address*

  3. Then using EVMcrispr

connect <DAO> token-manager
exec token-manager assignVested <ACCOUNT> <AMOUNT>e18 <START-DATE> <CLIFF-DATE> <END-DATE> true

And it worked!

*I had to bypass the voting app because it was crashing with the vesting for some reason. Other ppl had this issue in the past as you can see here

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PS.: that last “true” statement there is related to its revokability. to revoke a vesting (apparently you can’t revoke partially):

connect <DAO> token-manager voting
exec token-manager revokeVesting <HOLDER> <VESTING-ID*>

*the vesting id would be 0 if it’s the first vesting a holder has.
and make sure the voting app is assigned to revoking vests. won’t work otherwise

Many thanks to sam from Blossom Labs for helping understand how to use EVMcrispr here and about the vesting id.

Amazing !! But you were a developer in the past, I think. Where did you see these commands, on EVMcrispr github repo ? I saw the connect command in the docs, but not sure the exec command is in the docs.

This tutorial mentions exec at the very end. But it was Sam that helped me understand how to fit the commands documented here in the EVMcrispr. He also helped me understand how the vesting-id works for when revoking a particular vesting, and that it has to be voted.