Avalanche, Aragon & Football Club DAO

Met with RedSauce#4204 to discuss football dao ideas -
big take-aways

  • Colorado cooperative may be a suitable legal wrapper
  • May require hierarchical coordination = dao & subdao projects
  • Avalanche may be a partner, could be a good time to coordinate a new chain on client?
  • Potential for Go to Market… ?need to hand over to BD once we have more content structured
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https://www.notion.so/aragonorg/Deploying-Aragon-Client-in-new-Chains-16d3bdce79244094a9c926dd2923f2bb might be a good place to start?

thanks for the great conversation. looking forward to exploring these and more ways for us to align with Aragon in becoming a launchpad for communities to buy a football club together.

This can and will be the first DAO to own a sports franchise. Support is needed from other members but it can definitely be done. The first to do it!

https://otonomos.com/ - this is an interesting list of global llc’s - my .02 is pick two or three near where you think you might do business and start considering other aspects and workflows that would be required for the critical workflows? my assumption is you want to showcase best practices - teams should want to be purchased by DAOs because they see the improvements for management and capitalization, right?

Very well said and I have a lot of research ahead of me but I know this can be done.