Can I turn "old ant" coins into ant coins that I can move to or any other exchange?

Can anyone tell me how or where I can send “old ANT” coins so that I can turn them into whatever the new ant coins are? I tried to send “old ant” coins from my ether wallet to binance and the coins never sowed up. Binance wants me to get them an address where the “old ant” coins are supported and they said they will help try and recover them for me.

for converting the old ANT to the new ANT, the token must be on a wallet (like metamask) not an exchange.

So you need to ask Binance to return your token on your wallet. Then when you have the token on your wallet:

  • Go to the conversion portal here:
  • Choose your wallet from the list and proceed with the swap.

Please note that there are necessary a portion of Ether for paying the transaction fee.
In case of doubt, feel free to ask.
Regards, Carla