CoinRisk <> Aragon

Hey there, as previously discussed in your Discord, I would like to propose a partnership between our organization CoinRisk ( and Aragon to analyze the risk of DAOs and their tokens. We provide a holistic risk analysis platform focusing on 4 verticals: Technology, Tokenomics, Finance & Operations. To give a few examples of our assessments, we analyze token allocation, vesting schedules, access to the treasury wallet (multi-sig, voting etc.), volatility of tokens inside the treasury and many more. For now we only measure the risk, but in the future we are planning to help with the risk management of DAOs as well.
Please let us know, what you think about this!

Thanks & KR,
Adrien (CEO of CoinRisk)

Hi! this is super interesting - it sounds like we should find a couple of DAO’s to test this with?

Perhaps Aragon would be a useful starting point - i’m going to ping a couple of business folks on the team to get their perspective - thanks for reaching out

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Hey Alibama, this would be great!

Looking forward to be working together with you.

What should we take as next steps?

Hey Alibama,

Your proposal letting DAOs from Aragon test our service with sounds great.We would like to understand the pain points of DAOs when it comes to risk management and choosing which assets to add to their treasury.

Thank you.

Kind regards,

So you mentioned these stats, however i wonder how many of them can be derived from data in

Number of users / token holders
Number of proposals
Number of votes
Number of active users
Voting system
Voting system used
% of users who vote
Votes per voter
% of approved proposals
% of positive votes
Potential further metrics: timelock used, required collateral to create proposals, required thresholds/quorums for approving proposals
Funds owned
Treasury size
Treasury composition

Some of them are available on, but they don’t provide an API yet. If we had these, we could then develop useful risk metrics and alert functionalities for DAOs on Aragon.

API’s are fungible… we don’t need real-time right now anyhow = should we go through the list and try to evaluate one dao first, and then see what matters?