Connect DAO with NFT Marketplace like OpenSee

Dear Team,
Is it possible to connect a DAO to an NFT Marketplace like Opensee, similar as I connect usinging e.g. Metamask to open an Account on the Marketplace and interact with the Marketplace like I would do using Metamask. Does the Agent App help in this regard? Or cann the DAO function like a standard Wallet?

Usercase: If the DAO sells an NFT on Opensee the Rev. goes directly to the DAO Tressury.

Great if someone could help with a idea.

Beste regards. Volker

Hi Volker,
you can buy NFT from Aragon, but you can’t manage them from the DAO. The Aragon Client can’t handle the NFT. Aragon is developing a new product that should have this functionalities. You can read more here and apply for early access in case of interest.
Best Carla

Hi Carla,
thank you for your queck response.
Please can you link me to user documentation to teach mich how to “buy NFT from Aragon”.
Looking forward to Aragons new functionalities. Can you share a time line?

Best regards

Hi Volker,
a possible solution is connecting a multisig wallet to your DAO ( and then buying the NFT using the multisig.
At the moment I haven’t a certain date about the new App but the first version of the new App should arrive before the end of this year.
Best Carla

Hi Carla, Thank very much. That helps me.
Beste regards, Volker