Create a DAO for BioRegion of Zurich

Hello Aragon Community!

My name is Johannes and i am the Initiator of Lightwave & Koopernikus. We are based in Zürich.

We founded a cooperative to connect all actors of a regional food value chain. From the producer to the end costumers. Together we are financing a direct marketing platform with direct logistics. It’s like an online marketplace for regional food. 1% of the sales we want to put into the regional Fond to support new regional sustainable projects.

We are questioning if a DAO makes sense for us to manage the regional Fond, the question of ownership and basic democratic voting process. And on top of that: Is there is already a legal framework in Switzerland for that?

Thanks for tips, helps and answers.

Hi Johannes - those are both really cool projects!

good time to jump in! legal wrappers are coming online through our connection to = in general your options for DAOing could be beneficial? Aragon focuses specifically on the governance aspects of things and could be a useful set of tools. In helping people get started in here I usually recommend a hybrid model where some aspects of a company may operate in web3, and other aspects in traditional fintech = banks, insurance, etc are not all as easy to manage in web3 as they should be, although that is rapidly changing