Create vote from Aragon Connect

I know it’s possible to vote from Aragon Connect with this command:
const intent = org.appIntent(voting, 'vote', [votes[0].id, true, true])

But how can I create a new vote from Aragon Connect?

It would also help me a lot to understand this if I knew for example where to find the ‘vote’ function and all other functions of the Aragon Apps.

I looked into this GitHub but can’t find where the functions are.

Hi @Calcium Good question. Not sure whether that is possible with Aragon Connect. You can interact with the Voting App, reading and rendering data, but I don´t see a way to initiate a vote from somewhere else: Voting app - Aragon Developers Documentation

Here is the smart contract of the Voting App with all possible functions: aragon-apps/Voting.sol at master · aragon/aragon-apps · GitHub

Not sure how to call these function from a different app though