DAO Platform fit for this purpose?

Hey everyone I’m new to DAO’s and I had a general question about Aragon as a platform…

We want to create a DAO for the purpose of raising money via individual investors and VCs and deploying that money for actual, IRL environmental initiatives.

We were inspired by the story of ConstitutionDAO and, while we’ve been researching like crazy, none of us are DAO experts so I’m hoping to hear from one or two on here…!

Is Aragon the right platform for what we’re trying to do? Can we raise money from VCs (will they consider this platform appropriate for that?), store that money in a treasury, hold votes and generally govern?

Can we issue our own token or do we need to use ANT? I was looking at the eaxmple, BanklessDAO who appear to have their own proprietary token.

Sorry if these questions are super noobish or very general; we’ve found ourselves going round in circles with different advice so any input is massively appreciated!

Thank you for your help

EDIT - Should this question go in the Discord instead of here? If so just let me know.

with the actual Aragon Client solution you can deploy your own DAO and minting your own token (the ANT is the Aragon DAO governance token).
The Aragon Client DAO has 3 main apps:

  • a token app (for minting and assign the token to the members),
  • the voting app (for voting the DAO proposals)
  • the Finance app (for manage your vault).

An easy way to start, could be to create a company DAO and assign token to the VCs proportional to the invested amount. Their voting power will be proportional to the amount of tokens (more invested more voting power). For starting you can run a test DAO on a testnet (without cost) so that you can try how it works and if it is what you are searching.
Here is our user documentation that may help you: https://documentation.aragon.org/products/aragon-client.

At the moment Aragon has working on a new product for deploying a DAO (the Aragon App), you can read more here https://aragon.org/aragon-app and get an early access registering to the “get early access” blue button.
In case of doubts/questions feel free to ask here.
Regards, Carla