Environmental Activist DAO Overstand

Hi everyone,

Overstand is a 501c3 non profit organization based in California. We were born out of the movement to protect Jackson Demonstration State Forest from commercial logging, California’s largest state forest. While we have had many successes, as a grass roots movement, we see many ways to improve our community organizing to combat climate change with a decentralized autonomous organization.

Here’s the idea:

Create a DAO: Distribute tokens to the current movement participants who, through relentless efforts tree sitting, blockaing roads, protesting, and lobbying, have put us on the trajectory of preventing millions of tons of CO2 emissions by 2050

Offer DAO tokens for sale: We would like to offer a set amount of tokens for sale to begin raising initial funds for the organization. There are many possibilities of how we spend these funds; studies to support the movement (economic studies, ecological, hydrologic, archeological), media, lobbying, litigation, movement materials, etc.

Sell digital art as NFTs: This will be another revenue source for the DAO, we are in contact with a network of NFT artists interested in participating.

Future: We have various ideas for NFT utilities to continue engaging and raising funds from a broader audience.

New Tokens: New tokens will be minted as compensation for participating in movements. Ex) Write a letter to politicians, get a reward. Participate in a protest, get a reward. Participate in the massive amounts of research it takes scouring timber harvest plans and forest management plans to combat greenwashing and misinformation from the industry captured department of forestry, get a reward. Write a killer article as a scientist backed with citations and get it published in the San Francisco Examiner (Thanks JP and Evan), get a reward.

Decisions: We would like the community, movement participants, and financial contributors to work together to best decide how and where to allocate resources. We believe this will provide the most efficient use of resources to maximize environmental action.

To do this, we would like to incorporate a list of apps and integrate the DAO into our website (the ability to view and interact with some of the basic functions of the DAO). We are currently looking for developers to join the team and help with the technological aspects of this project.

What we do have is a thriving movement with an abundance of highly engaged community members including scientists, attorneys, foresters, long time activists, and the general public. The movement has been featured in the LA Times, SF Gate, SF Examiner, The Press Democrat, and countless local outlets including online, print, and radio.

Check us out at overstand.earth. Reach out to collaborate, looking for short and long-term members to add to the team.

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this is a neat project = how do you plan on handling the non-profit filings with the nft utilities? that seems potentially problematic, but i’m not a lawyer here :slight_smile:

Great question, we are already a 501c3 with a board of directors. Our hope is to create a platform, parallel to us, that can build community, raise funds, and decide how those resources are spent. While the two organizations would not be the same (at least until we find a good way to do so) we plan to work closely together as a stakeholder in the DAO, providing direction, and an off chain “arm” for the DAO to get things done in the world. Our board and team will still have the ability to deny or reject doing something that the DAO tells us to (for legal or feasibility reasons) but the non profit would not have the ability to dictate how the DAO spends their resources, i.e., they could decide to get a new set of arms if the community felt we weren’t doing a good job. Our hope in the future is that the two could meld into one coherent organization and our board would be obsolete, relying solely on the DAO.

Did that answer it? It’s certainly a tricky situation, we’re dealing with it by keeping just enough separation that the two hopefully won’t interfere with each other.