Harmony data not in sync with Aragon's

Hi. Our tokens’ total supply as shown on Aragon/wallets is out of sync with the Harmony blockchain data. The true supply is shown on Aragon, but it’s not updating correctly on Harmony.

Here’s our token on Harmony > Harmony Blockchain Explorer

Here’s our token on Aragon > Aragon

Can this be fixed?



Hi Dawoud! great to see you on here - this is also a good place to discuss your DAO goals more broadly - please consider posting more about your goal in Palestine here too!

also = the link to Aragon you sent shows me 1.1 Eth on a mainnet DAO? is that not correct? i wonder why i’m seeing that?

Thanks @alibama - Please switch to the Harmony blockchain, we are on Harmony.

Hi, @alibama - Any updates? What do you need from my side for this to be fixed?

This is starting to become concerning to myself and the team tbh. Could this be an error from Harmony’s side?