How do I install token-manager/apps on DAOs generated by app testing enviornment

Hey! I’m a Jr Dev that currently struggling with using the aragon development framework to test out my apps. So this app that I’m working on requires minting tokens from token manager, and I’m at the stage where I need to test out that functionality, however it’s not very intuitive how to download the token manager onto the DAO spun up by the local testing environment. So for clarification I’m currently on localhost interacting with the DAO created for me when I ran yarn start. My code is super similar to the Aragon-react-boilerplate. I’m looking to install the token-manager app onto this test DAO so I can test functionalities on my app. I might just hella dumb but any advice on this?

did you try using evmcrispr? Here the docuementation that may help you
I add also our dev documentation in case you haven’t
Regards, Carla