Humanode integration notes

By Aragon dTech

Running Aragon Client on your local machine:

  1. Fork the Aragon Client github repo from:
  2. Clone the fork to a folder on your local machine
  3. Install dependencies with: yarn
  4. Run Aragon Client on your localhost with: yarn start
  5. Open localhost on http://localhost:3000/#/

Adding Humanode network to your Metamask wallet:

  1. Click on ‘Ethereum Mainnet’ and then on ‘Add Network’
  2. Add the following name in the Network Name box: humanode
  3. Add the following id in the Chain ID box: 5234
  4. Add the following url in the New RPC URL box:
  5. Click on ‘Save’

Making code edits to Aragon Client in Visual Studio Code (VSC):

  1. Open your local Aragon Client project folder in VSC
  2. Find and open the connectors.js file on the following path: ../client/src/ethereum-providers/connectors.js
  3. Add the Humanode Chain ID 5234 to the connectors and save:
export const connectors = [
    id: 'injected',
    properties: {
      chainId: [
      ], // add here to handle more injected chains
  1. Find and open the network-config.js file on the following path: ../client/src/network-config.js
  2. Add Humanode Network Configurations to the networkConfigs and save:
export const networkConfigs = {
	[chains.getChainInformation(5234).type]: {
	    isActive: true,
	    addresses: {
	        localEnsRegistryAddress || '0xe982d7547900694e16b3a729092730b11e2d14bd',
	      governExecutorProxy: null,
	    nodes: {
	      defaultEth: 'wss://',
	    connectGraphEndpoint: null,
	    settings: {
	      chainId: 5234,
	      testnet: false,
	      live: true,
  1. Find and open the index.js file in the use-wallet node module: ../client/node_modules/use-wallet/dist/esm/index.js
  2. Add Humanode Chain Information to the var CHAIN_INFORMATION and save:
}], [5234, {
  id: 5234,
  nativeCurrency: ETH,
  type: 'humanode',
  fullName: 'humanode',
  shortName: 'humanode',
  explorerUrl: '',
  testnet: false
  1. Find and open the index.js file in the @aragon node module (this and the next step do not seem essential): ../client/node_modules/@aragon/truffle-config-v4/truffle-config.js
  2. Add Humanode Network Information to the module.exports and save:
module.exports = {
  networks: {
		humanode: {
		      network_id: 5234,
		      provider: providerForNetwork('humanode'),
		      gas: 6.9e6,

At this point a connection should appear between Aragon Client on the localhost and Metamask:

  1. Proceed to create an organization

At this point a Metamask transaction pop-up should appear (which does not yet do so):

When switching Metamask to another network and then back to Humanode Network two transactions pop-up however:

Untitled (1)

Untitled (3)

After confirmation of these transactions the DAO does not seem to have been created. There is no related error message appearing in the console.

This is the hex data for the first transaction:


Identified issue: files have not been properly been pinned to IPFS:

Remaining task Humanode: re-pin IPFS Files