Mental health DAO discussion


Met with Fintan Murphy to discuss DAO development focused around providing mental health services to organizations.

Goal ideas:

  • Provide “proof of mental health” services to other organizations through on-chainable KPIs built around mental health services
  • Develop DAO that allows registered professionals to list their services and coordinate payment
    ** Provide services for members as well (dogfood the process)?
    ** Coordinate marketing and networking work?

Legal wrapper: Swiss Foundation? seems appropriate

Possible integrations: UMA = tokenized mental health KPIs? KPI Options | UMA Docs

Aragon utilities - GitHub - BlossomLabs/superfluid-aragon-app: Aragon app that allows you to manage Superfluid's stream flows ⇄. to simplify payments to professionals and incentivize participation

Other requirements?

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I love this idea, had it in my mind for ages to create a token for mental health assistance. I don’t understand too well what you mean with “proof of mental health” though

say for instance i want to be able to do business with DAO’s that can prove that their members have access to mental health care? aside from Aragon DAO (which might be a cool place to provide mental health services to employees as a benefit) i’m specifically thinking about some of my friends who work in the adult industry… i would like to know that they have access to mental health, legal advocacy, etc… to better insure that they are not being exploited… “proof of mental health care” is probably more of a semantic tool - but i think implies that we would have an on-chain token to prove that these services are being provided?

Now I see. It seems like a very good idea. But in a broader sense, what about people who are unemployed or self employed but cannot afford mental health care, which is pretty expensive? I was thinking more broadly about a tokenized system that could allow anyone to access a care system, or provide care if they’re qualified. But sure your idea is def more doable, go ahead

could work… definitely seems like a second round development project

Great ideas Anson. I would suggest focusing the DAO on being a learning organization, whereby experienced mental health practitioners are encouraged to train/supervise fresh graduates/trainees. Could also focus on recruiting professionals from low income countries to provide a low cost telehealth alternative to people on low income, govt support or from at risk communities.

On a more basic level it might be worth working out exactly what problem is this DAO looking to solve, is it to make mental health services more wide-spread throughout society, or would a more focused goal of promoting mental health services within web 3 organizations be a more achievable starting goal?

This is part of our plan for mental health healing services, spiritual development, and growth, personal development, and improving brain cross-connections for better problem-solving. We’ll work with legal and decriminalized substances first and move into the other psychedelics as they get decriminalized. Ours is building a regenerative ecosystem where the first application is providing access to mental health by connecting seekers <> vetted facilitators <> journey spaces.