Metamouse and Aragon integration

As DAOs employ more full and part time staff and handle more real-world assets the need to move crypto in to fiat to manage real-world expenses becomes a common challenge.

Metamouse is working to simplify this challenge by allowing DAOs a unified gateway to handle these expenses and is inviting DAOs to test the workflow.

From an Aragon DAO manager’s perspective this could be as simple as going through the metamouse tutorial Help | MetaMouse and then creating a vote on the Aragon side to transfer from a vault to the address provided by metamouse.


  1. What are the legal challenges in case of dispute & what legal jurisdictions are covered?
  2. Since Aragon votes require a variable amount of time from saying “let’s do this” to “here’s the token” how is that time delay going to be managed?

Hi Aragon team! This is Pavel, I’m the technical lead of Metamouse. I would be happy to answer any questions related to our services.

As for the question regarding the delay. I think the easiest way to pay in such a setup would be with stablecoins. That way, you can go to metamouse, fill out the form and receive a quote and then vote on the execution of the transaction. On our side, we can be flexible on how long we wait for the stable coins to arrive. Just keep in mind that the faster the vote goes, the faster we can receive the crypto and proceed with the payment.