Migrate ANTv1 to ANTv2 from a Trezor wallet

I’m looking for help migrating from ANTv1 to ANTv2 from a Trezor wallet. I don’t see a way to connect to my wallet from the upgrade portal.

Hi, you can connect your Trezor to Metamask wallet and then the select “metamask” on our portal.

Step by step:

  1. If you haven’t metamask wallet, please proceed with the installation. If you need help for installing Metamask wallet go here https://documentation.aragon.org/products/set-up-metamask

  2. After the metamask wallet is installed:

  • login on metamask wallet and click the circle
  • select “connect hardware wallet” option and select Trezor
  • select the address with ant to upgrade
  1. Go on our portal here: https://upgrade.aragon.org/#/
  • select connect wallet and chose “metamask”
    then proceed with the upgrade.

Please note that for the upgrade you need a portion on ETH on your wallet address for paying the transaction fees to the miners.
In case of doubts or questions feel free to ask here.
Regards, Carla