Migrating ANT(Old) to ANT v2 from Keepkey Wallet

Hi, I have a number of ANT tokens in a Keepkey wallet and noted that Keepkey isn’t supported in the migration tool. Could anyone advise how I can migrate these tokens to the new contract please? Many thanks.

if your wallet isn’t listed on the migration Portal you can proceed as described here https://documentation.aragon.org/faq/ant-token/my-wallet-with-the-anj-or-ant-v1-isnt-available-on-the-wallets-list-on-the-aragon-portal. If you need help for swapping your old ANT please use this guide https://documentation.aragon.org/the-token-ant/upgrading-to-antv2/upgrade-portal.
in case of doubt feel free to ask here.
Regards, Carla

Hi Carla, appreciate you getting back to me on this. I will review the links provided and hopefully figure this out. Many thanks. Hutch