Non-profit charity nft dao

My dear friends,

Due to the situation in Ukraine and the big problems experiencing children with genetic diseases in purchasing expensive medicine, we are tying to set up a DAO in order to improve this situazion.

While I am a Top Manager and I also have an IT Degree cum laude , I understand that I am not enough skilled in this theme so I am asking you for help.

We would like to let children sell as NFT their pictures or drawings and receive from them money that they can use in order to buy whatever they need.
Additionally we would set a second way of NFT related to genome and let children earn also from it.
10% of the sale price goes to the fund.

In particular in this moment we are experiencing the following issues :

  1. Ownership: In order to mantain a good discipline and aligment to our ideals we would like to set up a new Token and sell 40% of it on 10% ( 4 months release basis). How can I create such a scheme ? Can you please suggest a user case or good articles ?
  2. Fundrising 1: We would like to fund rise this initiative proposing a scheme similar to the Whirlpool or something more innovative. Could you please help us indicating a good user case or article ? We would like to propose early investors a profit in order sto start up the business
  3. Fundrising 2: There are a lot of people and governamental scructures willing to help without asking for a return on their profits. Is it possible to set a Fundrising similar to a prive equity and a Fundrising similar to a charity togheter ? How can I develop such a structure in a unique DAO ?
  4. NFT : we would like to have two NFT , one of the children drawings / pictures and one for the genomes. Is it possible that a unique DAO organise two different NFT ? Can someone suggest me good reading about it ?

We are really willing to help but I see that the team is not formed yet. Please feel free to join us in case you have the competences and the true will to help children in this difficult times.

Best regards

Hi Wardmase -

first up = easy solution = what you can do today off-the-shelf:

right now aragon doesn’t support holding nft’s (although it will rather soon) but you can have sales from nfts transfer in to an aragon multisig wallet…

if you want to just test what aragon does i would play with How to create a DAO on Harmony - Aragon User Documentation and see what it means, and likewise i would set up a gnosis vault (which does support holding nft’s as well as receiving funds from sales) and see how that works

start out selling nft’s on opensea and have the receiving wallet be an aragon vault, or gnosis vault, or… there are a lot of options there and you don’t have to get in to as many sticky details… because the rest of what you’re talking about is going to take some work

sticky details…

  • you might want to consider looking at Config 1 | Commons Dashboard as a place for researching tokens - there’s a lot you probably haven’t thought about (it’s a seriously large subject)
  • is Samourai Wallet - Whirlpool this what you’re talking about? what are the advantages of this? to be honest it seems sketchy
  • you are still probably going to need a legal back end for this… non-profit filings are serious efforts in many countries - and avoiding liability should still be on your radar. is a good place for reading on options

looking forward to hearing more

Hi Anson, I was thinking about your proposals this morning and I’d like to jump in with a few ideas and some questions:

  • First of all, I think your idea of fund raising through nft of Ukrainian children’s drawing is great. But how would you like to implement it? Selling nfts and giving the proceeds directly to the authors (kids) would start some sort of artistic/speculative competition among creators that imho is the last thing that we need. Something different could be connecting nfts to a certain amount of goods (possibly not weapon) that will be provided to Ukrainian children, but not necessarily to the author of the drawing. Let’s say for example: X money is required to buy Y kilos of food (could be other types of aid) that the organization will deliver to Ukraine. If one donates that X money he will receive an nft (unique or not? this is also an important question) that will prove his donation and might acquire value in the future. This a win win and I think it could work. I would NOT rewards directly the authors with the sale proceeds even though some form of reward could be given.
  • What is that Whirlpool thing you mentioned? If I google whirlpool the only thing I can find is this: Whirlpool Sends The Tax World Spinning which is probably not what you are talking about :slightly_smiling_face:. By the way Whirlpool has a terrible record in my country as they left a lot of people jobless form one day to the next.
  • Last one: genome? I read some articles about creating genome nfts, to me it sounds like madness but I must dig deeper. Hope you’re not talking about creating genome nfts of Ukrainian kids, it sounds like something you can buy at chatuchak market in Bangkok together with black rhino horns :joy:

I would be happy to contribute to your projects, I really respect the work you are doing with your ideas and their implementation

So, I’ve done a bit of research and it seems that it’s quite plenty out there of nft projects related to drawings done by Ukrainian children, some more successful than others. I contacted a couple of them to ask info about their organization but still waiting for replies.

I wanted to try to follow up on Anson’s proposals and write an actionable project, but I realize that the type of project we are going to build depends a lot on the kind of results we want to achieve and especially on the resources we want to employ - especially if the project will receive funding from Aragon or will have to self-finance with percentages of the proceeds. So I would like to hear from the community about this.

Bearing in mind that any charity project has the dual purpose of doing something useful for the community and promoting Aragon, I think a good idea to make the initiative more attractive and reach a wider pool of users is to give more intrinsic value to the nfts on auction, in addition to the the value of the drawing itself and the inner satisfaction of having done something good. One idea would be to collaborate with digital artists, possibly well-known (I know this has already been done), and have them rework the children’s drawings - in this way the nft would be composed of two images, the drawing and the rework, in unique copy. In addition to this, it wouldn’t hurt if both Aragon and the artists added economic value to the nft, Aragon perhaps with a cashback of a percentage of the purchase price paid in ANT (also to promote the token) and the artists perhaps tying ownership of the nft to a percentage discount on the purchase of other artworks. Other ideas that come to me could be: create nft of audio of children telling their experience or audio recorded in warzones (but it seems too dramatic), or make a work of editing from google maps of the areas most affected by the conflict (this is also something that from artistic point of view doesn’t sound bad).

That said, to move the initiative forward would require:

  • One/Two person(s) to take care of the research of associations (I would start with big ones like Save the Children) and the collection of drawings, as well as the research and selection of artists, coordination and collection of works (I would be happy to be one of them)

  • A person who will take care of the creation of a web page on the Aragon site, from where to promote the initiative and manage the auction by being able to connect directly to their wallet to bid and collect the works

  • A person who will take care of the marketing of the initiative, both through social media and with press releases to be sent to online and offline publications both in crypto and traditional. Consider that if we pair up with artists their community would also represent a wide audience. In my opinion a goal could be to realize 50 nfts and try to collect at least 25 ETH.

Broadly speaking, I’m excited to collaborate in initiatives like this for the dual purpose of being able to do something good for others and help Aragon to grow, as they would give a big hand to achieve the goals of the growth team. It would be even better if we could manage it all through a Dao, but I wouldn’t know how.

As you know I haven’t been working for a long time so I still have to figure out how to move within the association. If there is a real interest in this initiative, once we understand how to implement it, I would be very happy to take it forward. In the meantime, I can continue to tast the waters with associations, just one question: am I allowed to write that I’m doing this on behalf of Aragon?