Organization not loading

So much stuck. I am one of the cocreators of the Giveth DAO on Aragon, current iteration is nrgiv and I have had success in the past with changing the rpc but this time I’m at a loss… vote countdowns are ticking and I would like my voice to be heard…

What’s the trick to getting this to load please?

Hi Danibelle,
I have tryed to load your DAO and seems all is fine. It takes a bit time for sync all but it seems work. For your reference I have used firefox (vers. 105.0.1), no VPN or other Ads limitation.
If the issue persists can you try these steps In case it doesn’t resolve, can you please send us a screenshot of the developer console?
Regards, Carla

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Hi Carla,
Here is a loom of the console and errors. Perhaps the problem is indeed with my configuration, I’m using Chrome, with my VPN disabled.

can you try using another browser and see it it works?
Regards, Carla