Possibilities in DAO architectural setup?

Hi - I had posted this in the “questions” channel in Discord and it was recommended I post my questions here since they are more complex and long.

I’m a developer working on my first DAO with some business partners. Our needs are somewhat complex and I’d like to get some feedback on whether what we’d like to do is possible here:

  1. If things go well, we’ll have alot of subDAOs or projects under us. We’d like to make that as easy as possible for these childDAOs/subDAOs to onboard & function w/o a lot of overhead (setting their own token, etc). We thought the easiest way would be for us to be their “parentDAO”, if you will, letting members within the DAO start their own projects. Is that possible here? We’ll still need someway of tracking each project’s budget within the overall DAO treasury. And I’d like to allow voting on the individual project’s proposals by members who have joined that specific project. Is that possible using the Aragon toolset? Please note - if there is a better way available to set up things, I’m all ears! We just want to make organizing things as easy on our member childDAOs as possible & we see using our token as their native token as the easiest way.

  2. Membership within our DAO will be yearly/recurring. To make that happen, we’re using Unlock-Protocol’s membership NFT tokens & having them expire at 1 year. These will be renewable at that point. We want to manage whether members are eligible to vote based on whether their membership is current (done by checking their NFT balanceOf. So, in a sense, we need the ability to do a “dual” token voting system: you must have a current membership NFT to vote (handled outside the system) and then, determining the member’s voting power by their holdings of our ERC20 – or some version of a set up like this. Please note that I’m a dev and I modified an implementation of OpenZep’s Governor contract myself as a POC, having it make a call to an outside contract to return the member’s status before making the call to vote to it’s baseclass - so I know it’s simple and possible. I would be glad work with you guys, building this as some sort of an extension/module/option available for Aragon DAOs - we just need this feature.

Is something like these 2 things possible here? Are there somethings already available I’m unaware of to accomplish these goals? Thank you

hey chris! sorry we didn’t catch this sooner

https://evm-crispr.blossom.software/ is where we need to start this conversation… adding new tokens and connecting them to voting options

i’m not familiar with unlock protocol = can you send some links for this = we should be able to connect it to the dao… may need the frame.sh wallet for that?