Recover NFTs stuck in Agent wallet

I have an Aragon Client DAO that has the Agent installed. I sent some NFTs to the Agent wallet not realizing that Aragon was not meant to handle NFTs. Now they are stuck in the wallet and I have been unable to recover them. I’m currently playing with the AragonCLI and looking into the API, but so far I have not been able to recover them.

Is there any way I can recover them?

DAO name: DiamondDegens
Agent wallet: 0x999B18E3653c83f662C4D48B8749952756E2A88D
My wallet: 0xaAd484a667647E2C215920b60DD3EcD218C0Fd74

NFT deposit TXs:

There are 7 Anime Metaverse NFTs and 1 Floppy Collection NFT. The AM NFTs are the ones I really care about.