Regen Farms: A regenerative liquidity mining solution for DAOs for-good

TL;DR summary

If your DAO has low liquidity or you are soon to launch a token, this might be a sweet solution to reduce the volatility of your token and inspire more trust.

Regen farms is an easy-to-setup liquidity mining solution to incentivize community-added liquidity and disincentivize sell pressure. Rewards are distributed part liquid and part via your-token-stream that runs until a date of your choosing, therefore enabling high APRs while keeping the community invested in the success of your token for years to come.

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About Regen Farms


Many DAOs especially those that just released their token struggle to get liquidity, which increases the risk of volatility and diminishes the trust in the protocol’s token.

Plenty of liquidity mining solutions have been created to attract liquidity providers with high APRs through rewards. However, this type of solution usually attracts “liquidity mercenaries” that farm the rewards and dump the token creating sell pressure.

Intro Regen Farms:

When we released our GIV token at Giveth, we created a simple, but powerful solution…

Incentivize liquidity mining with higher rewards that are less liquid. A big chunk of the rewards gets streamed over a 5-year period via “the GIVstream”.

That was especially useful to prevent sell pressure after the airdrop.

This way, we attract liquidity providers with high rewards and keep them invested in our protocol for the long run, while disincentivizing liquidity mercenaries. #Degen2Regen.

What’s in it for you?

As of March and thanks to the interest of ELK finance and Shapeshift, we made our solution available for other DAOs by launching RegenFarms.

Key benefits:

  1. Streaming rewards. Attract “good” liquidity providers & keep them invested in the DAO in the long run by streaming the rewards over a period of time (you choose the length). Mitigate sell pressure for your token.

  2. Exposure to “regens” by having your program listed alongside Giveth, Shapeshift, Cult and other for-good DAOs in the GIVfarm.

  3. Ready-made UI/UX & development support. All your team would need to do is decide the parameters, supply the reward tokens & be in the loop in coordination with our team.

What’s the cost?

We are offering RegenFarms as a service to other impact DAOs that are aligned with our mission, vision & values like Aragon which we love and actively use solutions in our DAO for decision making!

Most of the development work is already done, but we will need to coordinate with your team & do some custom development work to set up your farm.

The reciprocity asked for this work would be $2500 on your token + 1% of rewards for incentives to be used as a donation to verified projects on via our donation.eth matching pool, plus an additional $2500 on your token + 1% of rewards for incentives to be held in our liquidity multisig to diversify our treasury.

If you want to know more about this solution feel free to fill out this Typeform and someone from our team will reach out.

Questions? Reach out to @cotabe#4096 or