Starting a non-profit 501c3 dao

Right now they are already a 501c3 here in the US, soI am basically trying to layout the law of the charter to see if this will work out properly
DAO purpose to fund NP
Cannot forceibly remove assets unless 100% vote
Cannot change charter without 100% vote
XX percentage gained each month has to be spent on Non-profit activites
10% of any new assets will be sent to the Finance contract of parent DAO
Whitelist addresses will be known as delegates with the ability to bypass the 15% ownership required to bring to quorum or vote.
Delegates can be added or removed via Quorum and Vote
% of incoming assets to be divided to LPs, Operational Wallet, Distributed as rewards to asset holders, asset buyback

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Structure overview
Parent DAO - Head of 501c3
Children DAO - located in Each city
Membership - Is gained from attending Charity fundraisers at a certain lvl - membership assets assigned
Tokenomics -
basically 1500-2500 memberships 2x yearly
team of about 30 delegates that will be part of the “team” who work for NP
10% of assets under control of parent DAO
Assets are transferrable
Delegate status within the DAO is not - controlled by whitelist addresses - setup initially on DAO creation - can be modified by standard quorum and vote - removal, adds
Should this be a set number of delegates?*

this is a great question - we should get @tayy or @eagle/@lion to review… this is specifically looking at USA non-profit 501c3 filings & i don’t know how much that matters vs other non-profit instruments outside the usa?

DAO template recommendations:
either a Using the Membership Template - Aragon User Documentation (1 token = 1 vote = non transferable) is important, but maybe a reputation dao would be better…

  1. great to have a quorum lower than 100% because what if someone loses their wallet? the whole DAO is bricked?
  2. speaking of which which wallet recovery systems are we recommending
  3. protocol layer for governance L2s like polygon are fine… but if you’re moving $$s most of the time you’re not doing it a lot… so mainnet may be better (and 100% simpler for non-tech users)
  4. Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases. we may want something like the espresso drive tool to house & reference legal docs?
  5. Config 1 | Commons Dashboard once we have some standards for the main accountability layer we should consider a tokenomic approach for managing internal funds?

One note they want the asset to be transferrable.
2. Have not looked into wallet recovery system as of yet, I am still more in the feeling out stage, because the numbers of voting ability and the ability to be functional if there is a 10,000 member voting pool
3. I am currently only testing functionality on Poly Mainnet but not for production, just mappings and moving and seeing how all the parts would work if we did it here, especially for things like gas on the transactions, most of the members wont be crypto friendly if you get my drift
Currently the team and I are working in trello but I would definitely be up to open a working project so we can get as many hands as possible in structure like this… I can see the benefit from having local investors and supports the ability to have a voice in how the funds are directed, just trying to see if this is viable today or more like something that can be used say in 3 years when there is more adaptation within society
Yea the tokenomics side specifically the criteria is set, that 1500-2500 memberships will be added or sold at every event - These will be tied to their VIP tickets for their charity events
The idea behind it, they are using animal pictures as NFTs for the membership status into the DAO
They want them to be tradable
This process could do all kinds of crazy numbers on how the voting works and such which is why I proposed the delegate system to help keep things moving, as well as automatically putting to a vote to change the voting thresholds before there is a new mint of the assets

GitHub - 1Hive/disputable-voting-app: Aragon app that adds new mechanics to voting which include delegation, protection against last-minute vote turnaround, and a framework for disputing proposals 🏛 = we should see if this could do some of the backend work for delegation based on nfts… could be a project there?

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