Transferring DAO Name and Token from Testnet to Mainnet

I’m ready to setup a test DAO on Harmony Testnet, but as I see that the Name is created on the ENS and will cost a yearly fee and the Token’s name and symbol is also created.

Can these DAO Names and Tokens be then moved to the Mainnet later?
I was going to use Harmony, but it would be good to have the choice of network later.

I think the Open an Existing Organisation is to retrieve a previously created DAO and Token.

So to clarify, if we create a Testnet accoung with the Actual Name and Token name, can we rest assured that that Name and Token is then saved forever for our DAO?

Many thanks

there is no mechanism i’m aware of for bridging tokens from a test net on to a main net… they’re totally separate chains. more broadly multichain is an active space of research, but i would not make any plans based on the assumption that two chains not presently bridged would be so in the future

Ok thanks, but I think that should be mentioned clearly because that means if you create a DAO name and Token name you want to using for real, you should NOT create that name and Token name in the Testnet, but make a fake name, is that correct?

Surely though there may be another crypto or social token with that same symbol, as I assume there is no check on that.

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