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The Aragon Support Forum is a hub to submit questions about Aragon products and share solutions. We have tokenomic, legal, and business development experts lurking in the channel, as well as moderation by the dTech members.

  • Post your Topic: before posting search if there is already a similar one. You can use the categories and the tags for the research. If not, please post your topic in the best main category you find :slight_smile:

  • Code of conduct: education and respect

  • In addition to the Aragon Support Forum, here are some more ways for having support:
    – Join our Discord Server: Aragon 🦅
    – Write us a email: support@aragon.org
    – Read our technical documentation here: https://documentation.aragon.org/

You are looking for a place:

  • to draft and submit proposals to the Aragon Network DAO’s Main DAO or Executive Sub-DAO
  • to read more about the Aragon Network Compliance and Tech Committees decisions and for Aragon Association fund transfers to the AN DAO
    → please visit the Aragon Forum.

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